Frequently Asked Questions

Each provider may offer discounts at their discretion for situations such as siblings, staff children, returning customers, special offers or early bird discounts. These discounts will be entered by discount code (if you receive one) before you pay via the ESM ASA system and will be automatically deducted from your fees.

Your provider may offer a credit or catch-up session at their discretion. ESM will only offer catch sessions or credit notes if we cancel the activity, or for any medical reason (supported by a valid Doctor's note).

In line with your account Terms & Conditions, ESM offers refunds at the discretion of the MD, only for circumstances where ESM or the Provider cancels a booking (excluding Force Majeure) or an ongoing Medical issue which is supported by a valid Doctor's certificate.

All Provider staff have been vetted by ESM prior to being allowed on site. They have a unique QR code that is used to scan in and out of each venue staff have. All companies are approved to operate by the Dubai Sports Council/KHDA. Additionally, all Providers must undergo stringent checks on their VISA's, Qualifications, Health & Safety & Child Safeguarding qualifications and follow a specialised COVID operating procedure which has been approved by GEMS to be able to operate in the venue. Each Provider also undergoes regular Quality Assurance checks by ESM staff.

Your child will be allowed to lower the mask only when participating in strenuous physical activity as per DSC regulations.

The school teachers or TA's will be responsible for supervising the children until their designated academy coach collects them for registration for their session. There will always be an Adult-to-Adult Handover and the coach is fully responsible for your child until they are physically handed over to a Parent or Pre-assigned Guardian.

There are several actions and requirements that are put in place to prevent the introduction and spread of COVID-19. Community-level measures: ensuring physical distancing and adaption of practices to limit contact, hand and hygiene practices and age-appropriate mask use. Policy, practice and infrastructure measures: Ensuring the necessary resources, policies and infrastructure are in place that protect the health and safety of all personnel, including people at higher risk. Behavioral aspects: Considering the age and capacity of students, understanding that Younger children may find it more difficult to adhere to physical distancing or the appropriate use of masks. Parents’ should enforce the policy of “staying home if unwell”, waive the requirement for a doctor’s note, and ensure students who have been in contact with a COVID-19 case stay home for 14 days, and consider options for screening on arrival. Hygiene and daily practices include cleaning and disinfection of the environment, facilities and frequently touched surfaces and equipment before and after each session.

Depending on the school, late bus services may be available. Please contact the bus service department at your respective school.

Parents are not allowed to watch the sessions, however for beginner swimming the parent is requested to supervise their child for safety reasons.

Usually, this is either because there is missing information in your Child’s profile - for example the school they attend or their school year group. If there are currently no activities offered at your school for the selected age group, this will also result in a black page. If you are still facing difficulty, please contact the ESM Relationship Manager for your school.