School Transport Services (STS)

We offer door to door bus transport for all of our camps during Half Term, Spring, Winter and Summer holidays which conform with KHDA regulations in Dubai only. 

Each bus has a female bus monitor who will remain on board to manage children to and from camp each day. 

All buses have onboard CCTV as well as a tracking system which allows us to track the routes and timings of pickups and drop-offs. 

Transport is available on weekly bookings only at a fixed fee whether you use the service for one day or the entire week. (AED 250/week/child)

Transport services will only be provided to parents who register and pay at least one week before the service is needed. 

Pick-up and drop-off locations are within designated proximity of each camp and will be to the closest venue to where you live.  

Parents will receive an email on Sunday morning from ESM with the bus driver details and bus timings for the following morning.

  • We currently offer no transportation from Sharjah or in Abu Dhabi.
  • The bus service must be booked a week in advance, it is provided to the closest venue to where you live and not to the venue of your own choosing.
  • The service will close every Tuesday at 2 pm for the following week's holiday camp booking, once the offer is closed ESM will not accept any more requests for the following week.
  • For more information on the bus service or if you require your child's drop off and pick up timings, please contact [email protected]

Transportation fees are not refundable.