Multisport Club Dubai is dedicated to offering engaging and enjoyable sports sessions for children aged 3-12 years old. Our aim is to nurture their love for physical activity while simultaneously fostering fundamental movement skills. Our diverse range of sports includes gymnastics, athletics, football, volleyball, basketball, and martial arts. We believe in creating a fun and enriching environment where children can explore their potential, build confidence, and develop a lifelong passion for sports. Join us on this exciting journey of growth and discovery!

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School Activities Offered at:

GEMS Al Barsha National School

GEMS Al Barsha National School

GEMS Metropole School - Al Waha

GEMS Metropole School - Al Waha

GEMS Metropole School - Motor City

GEMS Metropole School - Motor City


What The Parents Say

MCD is the best sports academy I have ever seen in Dubai, they’re not as commercial as most other institutions, instead, you can feel that they’re doing something they love. Coach Vanja and Danijela are very passionate and professional, they care for and encourage kids. My 4yo has been having so much fun and energetic time in the class and greatly building her confidence. They offer different sports activities in class such as gymnastics, football, basketball. It’s an ideal place for kids to participate in multiple sports in one place without needing to go to multiple institutions. They also give kids an apple after every class, I’m pleasantly surprised that my fruit-averse kiddo finishes the apple after class. Can’t recommend this place more.

- Wang Kelly

My daughter attended winter camp and she was hooked! We now joined their regular classes 2 times a week where they go through different sports (hence the multisport name 😉). The coaches are awesome, the venues are great and the cherry on the top is the free activities they hold outside regular classes. Gets both kids and parents so excite! We love this place. Can’t recommend it enough.

- Dana Khrais

Multisport Club Dubai is a great place to enroll your kids at for various sports related activities. Coaches Vanja and Danijela are not only good at all the sports they teach but are also amazing with little kids. Their super friendly nature and fun way of engaging with kids make my kids look forward to their MCD session every week. Thanks dear both.

- Priya Ommen