At Innov8 Tech, we take pride in providing a rich and diverse range of after-school activities that cater to the unique interests and talents of every child. Our extensive selection includes an exciting spectrum of offerings, from the rhythmic world of dance to the cutting-edge realms of game development, coding, 3D design and modeling, and much more, opening doors to a world of creativity and innovation. We understand that every child is unique, and our goal is to provide a nurturing STEAM based environment where they can explore, experiment, and excel in the areas that truly ignite their passion. With Innov8 Tech, children don't just learn; they embark on a journey of self-discovery and skill development that prepares them for a bright and innovative future.

School Activities Offered at:

GEMS World Academy - Dubai

GEMS World Academy - Dubai


What The Parents Say

Through Her Challenging Neuron Block Sessions, My Daughter Is Clearly Developing Her Innovation, Enterprise, Enquiry, And Critical Thinking Skills. I Really Recommend This After School Activity To All Parents Because It Is Truly A Booster For An Innovative Mindset In Children.

- Rosangela Ventura

Innov8 Tech Have Some Great Courses To Choose From. I Really Enjoyed Doing Robotics And Game Development, Especially Because The Teacher Linked It To Other Subject Areas. I Learnt Pseudocode For The First Time, Even Though I Have Taken Other Coding Classes Before. This Really Helped Me Write Code Independently, Even After The Course Finished.

- Alisha Bose

My Son Took Electronics With Innov8 Tech Over Summer And Was Thrilled With Every Session, As He Created Projects That He Could Use At Home, Like A Smart Lamp, An Automatic Dispenser And Much More. He Always Wondered How These Gadgets Were Built And Now He Had The Chance To Build It Himself. I Would Recommend This Company As They Really Have A Passion For What They Do, And All Their Trainers Are From A Teaching Background.

- Radhika Panday