AIS Athletics are the UAE's leading provider of track & field athletics for young athletes of all ages & abilities.    Our aim is to inspire the next generation of champions in the UAE, and we welcome your child into our unique after school track & field athletics programme; which includes training for events such as hurdles, long jump, high jump, javelin, and shot put. As well as sprints, and long distance.   Run faster, jump higher, & throw further as part of our fun & challenging 10 to 14 week programmes, that are coached by our team British Olympic coaches.   Join us today and let your child discover their inner athlete.

School Activities Offered at:

GEMS World Academy - Dubai

GEMS World Academy - Dubai

GEMS Dubai American Academy

GEMS Dubai American Academy


What The Parents Say

It started with a love of athletics and a way to keep my children fit. It has now far surpassed that. What the AIS team have proven that no one to date has replicated, is the positive impact they have on my children’s mindset and general well-being. They have strengthened their mind in parallel to their bodies. The most inspiring group of coaches I have ever come across. True role models for life.  

- F Leine

My daughter has been training with AIS for the last three years. I say, with conviction that these guys have a well rounded approach to training athletes. They understand that the mental wellness of their young athletes is as important as physical ability. They care about each and everyone and are in it for the long haul. That reflects in the training they give. Well done guys. Keep up the good work!

- Layal Lezzaik

Pro athletes themselves fully immersed in bringing the best out of the children. There is no better way to motivate the young children than coaches being their role models, they lead and inspire they children by being an example themselves. Both my kids wait for their training sessions and always come back dead tired, but with big smiles.

- Mohamadh Jameel MGB

The coaches are so great with the kids, brilliant role models as athletes themselves and quality coaches. My son is a developing athlete and they had a fun (yet challenging) pathway for him to follow. They also have a separate programme to support the more serious athletes. I’d really recommend them.

- Karen Key

What I love most about this club is that you really feel that it's all about the children and the love of athletics rather than about making money. The coaches are very professional, skilled and likeable and have a genuine passion for athletics and developing that in children. Plus it is so motivating for the children to have regular visits and coaching from current world champion athletes.

- Carlene Thurston