The Designers’ Academy are delighted to be offering dynamic after school activities for children between the ages of 9-18. We take after school education one step further with fun and information packed fusion courses- from graffiti and shoe design, to making your own computer games! Our eclectic portfolio is nothing like you have ever seen, with passionate industry professionals leading the courses, integrating their own experiences and flair into every lesson. Our courses integrate critical thinking, design development and implementation into a final project. 


  • 3D Modelling and Animation

- This course focuses on the fundamentals of Computer Aided Design (CAD) using TinkerCAD to introduce students to a collection of software tools that help people all over the world think, create and make. Tinkercad helps develop 3D spatial visual skills that are essential to engineering. The course teaches students the basics to 3D design and 3D printing using real-world applications in different fields. Let’s get tinkering!


  • Computer Game and Development

- This course focuses on learning coding fundamentals and developing STEAM concepts through blockbased coding. Scratch is one of the best platforms for all ages to build coding projects online. The Scratch programming language is incredibly versatile — Scratch blocks can be used for anything from making animations to telling interactive stories, however, it’s most popular for game development.


  • Teens Interior Design Course

- This Teens Course focuses on the fundamentals of designing for residential interiors & introduces students into the exciting world of Interior Design. Throughout the lessons students will develop their skills, enthusiasm and flair for Interior design producing scaled hand drawings and a presentation.


  • Exploration of Fashion Design

- Over the course you will be creating your own fashion design sketch book, learning how to moodboard, sketch, basic pattern cutting and experiment with fabrics and materials to create and make your 3d designs come to life.


  • Graffiti and Shoe Painting

- When you’re just starting out in graffiti, it’s hard to know where to start. What tools do you use? What makes a good tag? What makes a good piece? What’s a throwie? To jump start your progress, we’ve put together a 8-week course called How to Draw Graffiti that takes you all the way from beginner to having a solid foundation of lettering, and a good understanding of how to draw graffiti that looks good. How do we scale down your design and develop it into a wearable tag? Deconstruct your drawing and develop a design for a shoe or garment. Finally paint your design into a wearable final project.


  • Illustration for Comic

- What exactly is illustration? Simply put, it’s the visual imagery that depicts, explains and/or decorates information. Illustration can be found everywhere in many contexts, the uses for it are endless. In this course, students will explore one of the many aspects of visual narratives by learning the basic tools & techniques to draw illustrations, develop narratives & characters and produce their own compelling comic books.


Course Information:

Age Group:  8 – 12 years old and 13 – 18 years old

Course Fee:  AED2,100 for 10 week programme

Location: The Designers Studio, The Courtyard in Al Quoz 1, Dubai


Contact Details:


Mobile #: 0525648743 




What The Parents Say

My daughter took part in the Interior Design Teens Camp. It was brilliant to see her doing something creative and developing new and existing skills. It is a pathway which she is keen to explore. The tutors are really encouraging for the teens and share their knowledge and experiences in a really aspirational manner. It was great to see a fresh and modern take on camps for teens. We will definitely be back for more courses. She had a great time. Thank you TDS.

- Laura Hilmi

I could not believe when Joelle, my 15 year old daughter, presented to me a complete interior design project with plans and mood board! A project, that I would have only been able to achieve when I was in my interior architecture college. Moreover, when the course of “ the interior design summer camp for teens” she took was that successful, Joelle joined the AutoCAD class followed by the Sketch Up one with The Designers Studio. She is currently planning to take the full Diploma with TDS. The place is uniquely offering the professional education aspect in a very creative atmosphere, encouraging young children to bring the best out of their skills through the amazing instructors expertise, and while making great friendships! Joelle and I are fortunate to be both members in this State of the Art design studio.

- Yasmine Makar

My son is taking the 3D design and animation course and absolutely loves it. He has always been interested in gaming (not ideal) but now he can build his own cities and send me videos of his worlds. What I like about the course was that they also asked them to critically think about solutions to problems in their cities and fix those problems. They also transformed their cities into what they think they will look like in the future. The course had a lot of layers- who knows I might have a budding engineer on my hands.

- Hannah Challis